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Siblings of students with disabilities, 8 - 15 years old

Davidson United Methodist Church

233 S. Main St.

Davidson, NC 28036

First meeting for 2019-2020 school year: 
Sept. 16th from 5:00-6:30 PM



Sibshops are opportunities for brothers and sisters of children with special health and developmental needs to obtain peer support and education within a recreational context. Throughout their lives, brothers and sisters will share many - if not most of the same concerns that parents of children with special needs experience, as well as issues that are uniquely theirs.

Opportunities to Meet Peers

For most parents, the thought of “going it alone,”  and raising a child with special needs without the benefit of knowing another parent in a similar situation would be unthinkable. Yet, this routinely happens to brothers and sisters. Sibshops offer siblings the common-sense support and validation that parents get from Parent-to-Parent programs. Brothers and sisters like to know that they are not alone with their unique joys and concerns.

Opportunities to Obtain Information

Throughout their lives, brothers and sisters have an ever-changing need for information about their sibling’s disability, and its treatment and implications. Parents and service providers have an obligation to proactively provide siblings with helpful information. Sibshops provides an additional opportunity for children to learn about the disability their sibling may have.

Discuss Concerns about the Future

Early in life, many brothers and sisters worry about what obligations they will have toward their sibling in the days to come. Ways parents can reassure their typically-developing child are to make plans for the future of their child with special needs, involve and listen to their typically-developing child as they make these plans, consider backup plans, and know that siblings’ attitude toward the extent of their involvement as adults may change over time. Sibshops provides the opportunity for siblings to discuss what their future involvement looks like, and how they can still live their own lives, and pursue their own dreams.

Pictures of the location at the church

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